A Short Note on Punto Banco or North American Baccarat

The game of baccarat has been known throughout the gaming industry for having three very popular variations. These are the baccarat banque, baccarat chemin de fer, and the punto banco. All of these variations promise to give a unique excitement and thrill that are uniquely different from one another.

The punto banco, which is also known as the North American Baccarat, is popularly played in countries like Macau, Sweden, Canada, Australia, and the U.S. In this baccarat variation, the casinos and gambling establishments always act as banks. The two basic betting structures also apply in this game. Players can either bet on the banker or the player. These two usually refer to the couple of hands that are dealt in every game.

The game is done in this manner. A couple of unexposed cards are handed out to the banker and the player. The first card is to be dealt to the player and then the second to the banker. The third will then be handed to the player once again and the fourth to the banker. After the first deal, both the player and banker should have a couple of cards each on their hands.

After the player has seen the cards privately, they are then to be exposed and will be compared to the cards of the dealer. The croupier will then have to add each card combination separately and will call out the total of both hands. After this procedure, the croupier will refer to the tableau to know if there are still necessary cards that are to be drawn by either the banker or the player.

When the tableau indicates that there is a need for both the banker and player to draw more cards, they can opt to draw another single card or stay with their current hands. In the end, the one with superior valued cards would eventually emerge as the victor. On the first deal of cards, if any of the banker or the player gets an 8 or a 9, no further drawing of cards is necessary. On the other hand, if any of them fails to get an 8 or a 9, referring to the tableau is a must to determine how the drawing of cards should be done.

At the end of every punto banco game, the croupier will be tasked to announce who wins between the player and the banker. The winner will be paid out depending on what are indicated on the house rules. Commissions are usually given to the house. The elegant and luxurious casinos and gambling facilities in Las Vegas and Atlantic City offer special rooms for the game. This is to protect and secure the condition of high rollers who usually come to their place and play high stakes baccarat.


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