The Play of the Hands in the Game of Baccarat

What hands are used in Baccarat? How do you rank the each hand that is played? How do you play the hands as the action in the game goes on? We will answer these questions in the paragraphs that follow. The game of Baccarat may have been clouded over by the perception that it is a game only played by the elite few. But when you get to try it, you'll easily appreciate the game due to its mere simplicity (not to mentioned the low house edge on most bets which is an unusual treat).

What are the hands used in the game of Baccarat? Baccarat isn't like poker where you make certain combinations of cards of different suits or ranks. If you observe how the game goes, it is more akin to a game of blackjack, though it does have a few tweaks here and there to how blackjack is played.

Like in the game of blackjack, Baccarat hands don't hold any weight on the suit of the cards. What matters in this game is the value of each card. In both games, everyone playing at the table will initially receive two cards. The value of both cards are added and in Baccarat the hand that hits a total of nine automatically wins (comparable to blackjack's natural, which is a total of 21).

An Ace in Baccarat is given one point; the rest of the cards follow suit from two to nine. The interesting twist is that the picture cards and the Ten Card are assigned a value zero.

How do you rank the each hand that is played? You add up the value of the cards, the hand that has a value closest to nine or exactly nine wins. Where in blackjack a hand busts if it goes over 21, hands can never go bust in the game of Baccarat. When a hand goes beyond a total of nine, you simply take out the tens value and stick with the ones. Example: You have an Eight Card plus Five Card that sums up to 13, take out the ten the hand takes a value of three.

How do you play the Baccarat hands? Most of the things mentioned have answered this question except one more detail - anyone can get a third card depending on the following rules:

The player's hand will always get a third card if the value of the initial hand is zero to five. The banker's hand gets the same if the value is zero to six.

This is how the hands are played in Baccarat and how they are ranked. Once you try the game an understanding of these rules will just be a breeze.


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